Tondeo TSS-3 10 Razor Blades Fits Tondeo Sifter Razor

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Tondeo TSS-3 Razor Blades Kabinet (62mm) Fits the Tondeo Stainless Steel Sifter Razors, Also Known as the Cut Throat Razor Produced in Solingen Germany, Tondeo is Known Woldwide for Finest, High End, Quality Razors and Razor Blades, Often Imitated but Never Duplicated, Experience the Difference!  The Tondeo TSS-3 Blades Make You a Smooth Operator Whether Shaving that Male Client or Giving the Lady that HOT Razor Cut She Desires!  Never again, will you have to ask yourself if a customer is blade worthy!

One Box of Ten (Breaks in Half for Twenty Blades) Beware of Cheap Imitation Blades, You Get What You Pay For!  *Tip  Buy a Box of 100 and Save Even More!

Newbie Hairstylist and Barbers, Ask Anyone That Has Cut Hair for Years, the Tondeo Razors Are the Best in the World, Hands Down, You Won't Find Better Blades Anywhere

The Razor Cuts You Are Doing Now, Aren't New! Tondeo Set the Trends Years Ago and Continue to Do So

Tondeo Hair Tools of the Trade, Creative Hair Cutting Tools for Creative Heads, Shears for Hair, We Have Tondeo Razors Too, Pricing Without Sacrificing!  Not the Tondeo Product you are looking for? Just Type Tondeo in Our Search Box!

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